Who we are

McQueen Associates was founded by Peter G Chapman and Gavin Broadhead. Peter spent four years working for a Telemarketing Agency. Two years as a full time telemarketer making 100 – 140 call per day,5 days a week. The firm specialised in Professional Services with a particular focus on Chartered Accountants and Legal firms. We worked for everyone from a 1 man band working at home to Price Waterhouse Coopers in London. We had 70 clients in the accountancy field.We also developed several legal clients.

After two years Peter graduated to become an Account Manager with a responsibility for selling appointment making services in this market. During this time he successfully signed, amongst others, PWC London from an initial cold call. Peter developed a detailed insight into the mechanics of Accountancy. This involved running campaigns and helping to train accountants with no sales backround in how to conduct 1st and 2nd meetings, how to move the sales process from a totally cold 1st meeting through to asking for the business and signing a new client.

Since leaving this firm Peter has developed a consultancy business to provide Appointment Making services for Chartered Accountants, Legal firms and increasingly other industries as they seek to broaden their traditional client base. This also comprises advice on target markets, database development and market segmentation.

Gavin Broadhead joined McQueen Associates early in 2012 as a partner. He has proved a major asset. Gavin spent 10 years working in the same telemarketing agency as Peter making 100-140 calls per day, 5 days a week.Gavin was the leading Appointment Maker for both Accountancy and Legal clients in his time at this company. His clients varied from small 1-2 partner firms, up to 5-10 partner multi-office regional firms, right up to the National firms e.g PriceWaterhouse Coopers. Our Clients are enjoying the significant benefits from Gavin bringing his considerable talents and experience to bear in serving their needs and wants,particularly in the specific areas of Appointment Making and Database Development.

Peter has now moved on to pursue other opportunities and Gavin Broadhead now leads McQueen Associates going forward.